On a limited budget, choices are often times difficult because the wrong decision can lead to a narrower upgrade path down the road. The term “bottleneck” is thrown around often in enthusiast circles to describe components mismatching and hampering performance. This is also true for components that are not electrical, as choosing the wrong chassis can also minimize future hardware support. This is why a lot of enthusiasts and gamers choose full-tower cases, not just to allow enough breathing room thermally speaking but for upgrades down the road as well.

Enermax Coenus (ECA3290A) Mid-Tower Case


More and more users, however, are opting for more modest size builds, especially with higher efficiency processors becoming the norm. Case manufacturers are now accommodating tall CPU coolers, long graphics cards and liquid-cooling systems in mid-tower and even micro-ATX cases.  Unfortunately, because of the added features and new tooling requirements, these flexible mid-tower cases are not often available for users on a limited budget; at least not without great concessions. Enermax believes, however, that they have found that balance on their new Coenus line of mid-tower chassis.

Enermax Coenus Mid-Tower Case


The Enermax Coenus is an ideal platform for building a contemporary gaming machine on a budget. The Coenus can accommodate tall enthusiast-class air coolers and even has an adaptable HDD cage, allowing for some room when installing long graphics cards, such as the GeForce GTX 690 or AMD Radeon HD 7990. There are also plenty of cooling options inside with room for two 120mm fans for the front intake, two 120mm fans or one 180mm fan at the top, one 120mm fan in the rear and one 120mm fan at the bottom floor. The Enermax Coenus “Advanced” comes with two pre-installed fans (one intake and one exhaust) and has better drive mounting support compared to the “Basic” Coenus, which only comes with a single 120mm exhaust fan. Dust filters are included at the bottom and for the front intake of the Coenus to make maintenance easier.