The average weekly salary in the 1940s was around $32, which doesn’t sound like much these days but it was enough to support a family back then. Current petrol prices alone will set you back quite a bit and $32 will not even come close to filling your tank. Thankfully, not everything has gone up in price. With the sheer manufacturing power of China, many goods are available at a very affordable price point that normally would have cost twice as much or more. Increased production means there are also plenty to choose from, so when you have a limited budget, it now does not necessarily mean your only choice is to get a piece of junk that will break down after a few months.

Rosewill FBM-01 Ultra-Tower Case


It is all about competition and while many companies are looking to build the next most expensive product, there are some, like Rosewill, who are looking into and expanding with products that are more encompassing and relatable to a non-enthusiast. Not that Rosewill has turned their back on the enthusiast crowd; on the contrary, their award-winning power supplies and cases have caught the attention of many hardcore PC builders. Rosewill, however, has not overlooked other aspects of DIY PC system building, such as budget and entry level builders, as illustrated with their FBM-01 micro-ATX case.

Rosewill FBM-01 Mini-Tower Case


The Rosewill FBM-01 is a basic case that can house a micro-ATX motherboard.  The FBM-01’s body is crafted from SECC steel and measures 6.89” x 13.86” x 13.78”. A pair of 5.25” external drives, as well as a 3.5” external drive, can be installed while an additional pair of 3.5” drives can be installed internally.  Since it can house a micro-ATX form factor, the FBM-01 has four expansion slots for discrete graphics cards or other devices.  Users have an option between a black or white color with glossy front face finish.  For cooling purposes, a 120mm intake fan is pre-installed in the front while an 80mm exhaust fan is attached at the rear.