I hate having my computer on the floor. It collects more dust, it always seems to sound louder than if it were on a shelf or raised on a stand and I’m sure many of you feel this way too. Why do most computers land on the floor instead of a shelf or on a podium on the side of your desk? Most cases are just too tall and that includes mid – towers. If you’re anything like me, you want a case that will cool your system so your investment will last a while. Micro or small mid–towers don’t allow room for a larger heatsink or the addition of extra fans, which means you sacrifice cooling for space, not to mention the performance of a larger video card. This is a dilemma and many of us resort to cramming our system under the desk and use them as leg warmers in the winter.



In the last five years, I have changed my case about four times and have purchased at least five desks hoping to accommodate a future case I may have had my eye on. Most of the time I felt it was money poorly spent, I was building an office around a computer case and not the other way around. Most desks that I have purchased in the past have had shelves, since I like to have my printer and a couple other peripherals close by, and the shelves were perfect for a printer and my subwoofer but they were never deep enough or tall enough to accommodate my case. I am not one who likes to have a case higher than 6 inches off the ground, until now, maybe, since Corsair has released the Carbide Series Air 540.

Corsair Carbide Series Air 540 Top View


The Corsair Carbide Series Air 540 is a mid-tower case which is designed to provide maximum airflow across your mainboard components. The Air 540's dimensions are 415mm x 332mm x 458mm, which actually make the case cube shaped. The Corsair Air 540's two compartments are separated by a motherboard tray. The left side is used to house all the components that attach to your motherboard, as well as three pre-installed 140mm fans (two for intake and one for exhaust) and two Hot Swappable bottom mounted 3.5/2.5"HDD/SSD caddies. The right side, behind the motherboard tray, has plenty of room for cable management. It will also accommodate up to a 200mm Power Supply, has a removable 4 bay SSD tray and will hold up to two 5.25" drives. This is not where the versatility ends. By removing the front 140mm fans the Carbide Series Air 540 can hold up to a 360mm radiator, as well as a 240mm radiator at the top. The Air 540 is constructed of steel and plastic and, much to our surprise, it was not very heavy even with a full build.