Cases come in many styles and forms, each of which appeal to many different people for different purposes. Some like the flashy cases with clear sides and LEDs running throughout the case. Others prefer cases with a simple elegance and sophistication. And others prefer to make their own design and shape a case into their own vison. And, while different cases appeal to many different types, there is at least one thing that everyone wants in a case, silence. No one wants a noisy case, a case that would let so much noise leak that it would compete with your speakers.



The Antec Sonata Elite will be music to your ears. The Sonata Elite by Antec features two layer steel sides with polycarbonate to dampen noise. The Sonata Elite also features two 120mm Fans with 3 speed control to help with cooling, and noise, as well. The Antec Sonata case has been around for a while and set the standard for quiet computing with an elegant design. Over the years, it has gone through a few revisions, but each time, the great looks and quiet operation has stayed. Enter the new member of the Sonata line, the Sonata Elite.


The Product

The Sonata Elite is a mid tower design - this means it will fit mini ATX and full ATX motherboards.  The Sonata Elite, as with most Antec cases, is made of steel, which gives it a solid feel and helps with noise reduction. The first thing everyone notices when they look at a case is the finish, and the Antec case delivers a stunning black. This case is the kind you want to keep polished, as the black finish is near auto quality. This amazing finish is typical of the Sonata line, which are known for their elegant looks.