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Most people are not aware of what entails “Scandinavian design” outside of what they see inside an IKEA when not distracted by a dapper coated rhesus macaque. I don’t mean that as a criticism towards IKEA as they actually perfectly represent the tenets of Scandinavian design. Emerging post World War II, Scandinavian design is embodied by simplicity, minimalism and functionality with the implication that beauty should be accessible to all. Unfortunately, most people do not know or care nearly enough about what constitutes a well-designed item as long as it works, let alone be aware of the different design movements. Of course, people should be aware considering design is a tangible part of everyday life and if they only paid attention to design history, then they would be much more aware of design trends.

Fractal Design Arc Midi R2 Mid-tower Case


The fact that Scandinavian design is understated, yet extremely functional, makes it very adaptable to many things and not just limited to furniture making or contemporary architecture design. Bringing minimalist and reasonable functionality to the PC market, Sweden-based Fractal Design has caught the attention of many enthusiasts and system builders ever since their first line of chassis debuted. Fractal Design’s cases appealed to a mature aesthetic sensibility yet looked modern without appearing soul-less, like so many expensive, sharp-edged aluminum chassis. This trend continues with the release of an update to their Arc Midi mid-tower case.

Fractal Design Arc Midi R2 Mid-tower Case


Fractal Design's Arc Midi R2 case retains the minimalist Scandinavian design of the first generation Arc Midi chassis but with several key improvements. The Fractal Design Arc Midi R2 changes the HDD cage configuration from a 4+4 layout to a more SLI/CrossFireX friendly 5+3 stack that can be adjusted to face the front or sides. The bundled fan controller on the original Arc Midi case is now integrated at the front I/O, taking the space once occupied by a USB port. The Arc Midi R2's built-in fan controller has three speed settings and can adjust the three pre-installed 140mm fans. Unlike other mid-tower cases, the Fractal Design Arc Midi R2 is accommodating to liquid-cooling enthusiasts and has been designed to support a pair of 240mm or 280mm (15mm spacing) at the same time on the front and top. Large tower-style air-coolers up to 180mm tall and video cards up to 430mm long are also supported inside the spacious 230 x 460 x 515mm (W x H x D) interior of the Arc Midi R2.