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When playing golf informally, players have the privilege of getting a “mulligan” or a second chance to take a shot without penalties, if an error was made from the initial stroke. Players simply move on as if the errant shot never happened. This is, of course, strictly for informal games and the practice is prohibited otherwise. The word has now also been adapted to the mainstream lexicon and sees wider usage in other non-gaming scenarios, referring to any type of a “do over”. Since the word mulligan implies that a grave error was made initially, what is a more accurate word to use when there is a do-over but was not because of a major mistake?

CM Storm Scout 2 Advanced Mid-tower Case


Cooler Master is well-known for their openness to user suggestions and some of the products we have seen at their CES 2013 suite in Las Vegas were results of input from their buyers. Some are new items while some are improved versions of their current line. One such product getting an improvement is the Scout 2 mid-tower case. The original Scout 2 case itself was a well-received and well-liked product, in fact, as I mentioned in my review, it came very close to getting an HTL Editor’s Choice award. Cooler Master is re-introducing the case to the market with an “Advanced” version that will maintain the original MSRP.

CM Storm Scout 2 Advanced Mid-tower Case


The CM Storm Scout 2 Advanced is a mid-tower chassis that is part of Cooler Master’s gaming line. The CM Storm Scout 2 Advanced case further improves upon the initial Scout 2 offering with the addition of two more intake fans, an extra pair of tool-free HDD rails and one more SSD mounting bracket. Aside from the midnight black and gunmetal gray color versions of the initial Scout 2 case, the advanced version will also be available in a “ghost white” version, outfitted with white LED fans instead of red LED. While the CM Storm Scout 2 Advanced carries the same retail price of $99.99 as the original Scout II, the ghost white version will be available for $109.99 and all versions carry a two-year warranty.