In Win GT1 Case Review

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What is art? In the broadest sense, art is anything that is placed in a creative context. It could be as common as a urinal or as majestic as a one ton, great white shark dissected and soaked in formaldehyde. Art requires a viewer but before it gets to the point where it can influence perception and disseminate ideas, it germinated from an inspired thought. Can PC components be considered art? Of course, and it is none more prominent than in case designs.

In Win GT1 Case


The beige cases of years gone are no longer the norm, nor is the selection limited to simply black chassis. Many cases are now offered in various color combinations and plenty of manufacturers have been trying out new designs that are beyond the typical aluminum or steel boxes. Features are important but balancing aesthetics with functionality is a difficult act that many manufacturers try to do. Sometimes it is made even harder when case designers draw inspiration from non-traditional sources, such as the case with In Win, who has designed products in the past that were inspired by varying topics, such as war, jewelry, robots, and even medieval history.

In Win GT1 Case


In Win’s GT1 chassis clearly draws influence from automotive design, in terms of looks. Aimed at the gaming market, the In Win GT1 sports a unique, aggressive appearance that is also practically functional. The In Win GT1 comes bundled with two 120mm fans and is equipped with a built-in two-speed fan controller that runs in silent or enthusiast mode. As with most of In Win's chassis offerings, the GT1 is feature rich compared to typical cases within its price range. The In Win GT1 is offered in a black or white version and is also available with either a windowed or a mesh side panel.