The trade of aeronautical engineering is a tricky one that requires careful planning. The balance between the design's power and cost is extremely important. Engineers also need to ensure that all the bugs are worked out of the designs. A small bug can cost millions of dollars to retool and replace parts. Take the example of the F-22 Raptor, it was designed to be the most powerful jet fighter in the world. The design cost billions of dollars to perfect and, even with all the money spent on research and development, it still had problems when it was put into action. There were several cases reported of pilots experiencing hypoxia, due to a problem with the oxygen system.

Corsair 200R Mid Tower


It would seem that the engineering involved in computer case design has gone through a phase where the level of thought and planning has increased dramatically. The trend in new chassis is to go back to very simple, but functional, designs. Corsair’s Carbide Series is definitely one of the designs that are going back to simpler times. In general the design of the Corsair 200R is all about functionality and is not about being flashy. The front panel of the case has clean lines to go with the black coloring. This mid tower case should be able to fit in any typical environment.

Corsair 200R Mid Tower


The Corsair Carbide Series 200R Mid Tower computer case is targeted at the budget market. Many of the features are designed to provide a simple installation, while maintaining the expected performance level. The Corsair 200R includes two 120mm fans for cooling the system, along with five additional 120mm/140mm fan mounts and one additional 120mm mount. The 200R has three 5.25” drive bays, coupled with four 2.5” and four 3.5” hard drive bays. All of these are tool less, including the 2.5” drive bays. Drives install simply by sliding them into the tracks. The front panel includes connections for two USB 3.0 ports, one microphone jack, and one headphone jack. Dust filters are also present on the intake areas of the chassis.









Model Carbide 200R
Type ATX Mid-Tower
Case Material Steel body/ABS Plastic Bezel
With Power Supply No
Power Supply Mounted Bottom
Motherboard Compatibility ATX/Micro-ATX
With Side Panel Window No
External 5.25" Drive Bays 3
Internal 3.5" Drive Bays 4
Internal 2.5" Drive Bays 4
Expansion Slots 7
Front Port(s) 2 x USB 3.0
HD Audio In/Out
Card Reader No
Included Fan(s) Front: 120mm Fan x 1
Rear: 120mm Fan x 1
Optional Fan(s) Top: 120mm/140mm Fan x 2
Side: 120mm/140mm x 2
Front: 120mm Fan x 1
Bottom: 120mm/140mm x 1
Dimensions 210(W) x 430(H) x 497(D)mm / 8.3(W) x 16.9(H) x 19.6(D) inches
Compatibility Video Cards up to 320 mm
Warranty 2 Years



  • Tool-free thumbscrews for each of the seven expansion slots
  • Included 120mm intake fan and 120mm exhaust fan. Support for eight fans in total.
  • Three 5.25” bays, four 3.5”, and four 2.5” hard drive bays
  • Supports Tower CPU coolers and up to 320mm long high end graphics cards.
  • Cable-routing holes allow you to hide your cables behind the motherboard tray
  • Dual USB 3.0 SuperSpeed ports



All cases will be benchmarked under Idle and Load conditions. Room temperatures will be specified accordingly. Temperatures measured will be: CPU, GPU, and Hard Drive. All temperatures will be measured using the internal thermal sensors, unless otherwise specified.

Test System:

System Specifications

  • Processor: AMD A8-3970K
  • Motherboard: Sapphire Pure Platinum A75 PT-A8A75
  • Heatsink: Phanteks PH-TC14PE
  • Thermal Paste: Noctua NT-H1
  • Video Card: BFG GeForce 8800 GTX
  • Memory: Kingston HyperX Red 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 1600
  • Power Supply: Fractal Design Integra 650 Watt
  • Hard Drive: Hitachi Deskstar 7200RPM 1TB
  • Optical Drive: SONY DVD Burner
  • Operating System: Windows 7 Professional 64 bit



  • OCCT x 30 minutes for load temperatures
  • AIDA64 for System monitoring



The entire system will be placed under load by the OCCT program for 30 minutes and temperatures will be taken. They will then be compared to the temperature readings taken after 30 minutes of system idle. Stock temperatures were taken with motherboard power saving features enabled and Windows power saving set to "Balanced". Fan controller set to maximum.

Room Temperature: 19C

Corsair 200R Mid Tower Temperature Benchmarks



Provided by: Corsair
No compensation was received for review of this product.

Price Point

Price: $59.99 USD (MSRP)

Class: Budget

With an MSRP of $59.99 USD, the Corsair 200R Mid Tower is in the budget category of computer cases.

Reviewer's Opinion

Corsair has designed a solid mid tower case with the Carbide Series 200R. I would consider the styling classic but the functionality is excellent. Corsair has combined budget pricing with features and quality that you would find on a more expensive case. The steel of the case is stiff and is painted with a black finish that does not scratch easily. The front bezel is made out of ABS plastic and is nice and thick, so there is no need to worry about parts breaking on it. Both of the side panels come on and off the case easily with the use of thumb screws. Size wise, the 200R is an average mid tower and is relatively light.

The 200R does very well with cable management. There is space behind the motherboard tray for the cables that a typical system would have. It is necessary to be neat to allow the side panel to close easily, but the 200R has tie down points in the right locations to secure your wiring. The cable routing holes are placed in the proper locations to run the necessary wiring behind the motherboard tray, however there are no rubber grommets on them to hide the cabling. The front panel USB 3.0 cables are also flat allowing for better flexibility and cable routing, as this header tends to be thick and take up a lot of room in most builds.

The cooling system in the 200R consists of one 120mm intake fan in the front of the chassis and one 120mm exhaust fan located in the rear. The stock cooling works well enough, but if you have the desire to add additional fans, you can add up to six more fans. You have a 120mm fan mount in the front, two 120mm/140mm fan mounts on the side panel, two 120mm/140mm fan mounts on the top, and one 120/140mm fan mount on the bottom of the case. There is also ventilation below the PSU and dust filters on the front and PSU intakes. Corsair includes fan screws for all additional mounting locations and rubber grommets to reduce the vibration of the fans.

Installing drives into the system is extremely easy, thanks to the tool-less bays. 5.25” drives are able to be installed easily, though you do need to pull the front bezel off to take the blank drive bay cover out easily. You would need to use screws if you were installing a short device such as a fan controller that only had one set of screw holes, since the tool less hold down sits in the back two screw holes. The case has four 2.5” drive bays that are also tool less, the drives simply slide into the slots on and clip into place. There are screws provided if you want to secure the drives further, though it is not necessary. There are also four 3.5” hard drive bays that install in the same fashion. One thing that is nice is no screws or brackets are required to install the hard drive.

The performance of the Corsair 200R was well within range for a mid tower case. The stock fans provide enough airflow to keep the system cool and the front intake fan blows directly onto the GPU. Considering that the GPU being used was an older model that heats up more than modern day GPUs, the direct airflow to it worked very well. Additional fans would certainly increase the performance and there are plenty of locations to mount them. The stock fans were also relatively quiet, even while the system was under load.

The Corsair Carbide Series 200R mid tower is a great choice for those who are looking for a budget chassis. Corsair includes some higher end features, such as the rubber grommets on the fan mounts to reduce the vibration, and the dust filters on the intakes. There are plenty of options for adding additional cooling and space for the average system. The 200R earns a Gold award for its budget pricing, build quality, and ease of installation.


  • Good Quality Steel
  • Cable Management Holes
  • Simple installation
  • Flat USB 3.0 Cables
  • Support for Large Heatsinks
  • Space for Longer Video Cards
  • Quality Paint
  • Fully Tool-less drive bays
  • Fan Mount locations
  • Dust Filters
  • Rubber Grommets for Fan Mounts
  • 2 Year Warranty



  • No Supported Radiator Mounts
  • No Rubber Grommets on Cable Management Holes
  • Could use an Additional Fan for Stock Cooling



HiTech Legion Gold Award