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The idea behind noise dampening is simple: minimize vibrations and movement and you will minimize the noise output. Sound traveling on solid surfaces, such as metal, is much more audible than when traveling on air because the molecules of solids are much closer together; therefore sound waves are amplified when they travel. Since most computer cases are made of metal, lining the inner surface with sound absorbing material will minimize sound vibration considerably. Minimizing noise from moving parts is also essential, so mounting fans and mechanical hard drives with rubber grommets will also help prevent resonating noise within the chassis.

Thermaltake New Soprano Case


There is a ripe selection of quiet-computing PC cases in the market that employ these basic principles to varying degrees of success. Older models required compromise with enthusiast-class component installation, which generally produced significantly more noise, but newer designs are now expected to be just as flexible and accommodating as other mainstream gaming cases.  Throwing their hat in the ring and responding to user demands, Thermaltake updates their Soprano case to reflect the necessities of current DIY PC computing standards.

Thermaltake New Soprano Case


Thermaltake’s New Soprano mid-tower case is intended for quiet computing use.  As with previous Soprano cases, the New Soprano chassis features a curved front door design but with a more modest look, compared to the aggressive style of Thermaltake cases. The New Soprano mid-tower case has a pair of USB 3.0 and a pair of USB 2.0 on the front I/O, as well as a covered SATA docking station on top for 2.5 or 3.5 inch drives. Both side panels of the New Soprano case are lined with sound-dampening foam and the 120mm and 200mm pre-installed fans are mounted with rubber inserts to further reduce vibrations and noise.  The Thermaltake New Soprano comes in both standard all-black mid-tower with aluminum door cover as well as a snow edition with a contrasting all-black interior.