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Price Point

Price: $159.99 USD

Class: Enthusiast

With an expected price point of $159.99 USD, the Fractal Design Node 605 is in the Enthusiast category of HTPC Cases.


The Fractal Design Node 605 delivered outstanding performance in all regards for a case aimed at HTPC usage. Cooling was very good, all around, with excellent airflow to all components. Noise dampening worked very well, with fan noise almost imperceptible at any speed. Installation was unorthodox, but easy, with excellent room for all components. Like most HTPC cases, cable routing is basically non-existent, but there is a good amount of room to work with and get creative.

Reviewer's Opinion

One of Fractal Design’s most noticeable traits has always been their minimalistic styling that has an absolute air of elegance. The Node 605 takes this to another level entirely. The outer cosmetics of the case, most noticeably the beautiful black brushed aluminum front panel, make it look far more at home with high end audio equipment than with most computer cases. This stands to reason, given that the Node 605 is aimed exclusively at HTPC use. The thing is, the Node 605 will look like far and away the highest end piece in most people’s entertainment centers…..

With the beauty comes functionality. The flip down front door (which has great dampening) reveals all of the I/O a multimedia center could ask for. The front audio, two USB 3.0 and card reader has a top end ring, while the addition of Firewire is a natural for those doing their own videos and edition. All are easily accessible, but still hide away nicely to keep the sleek, high end look.

For an HTPC case, the Node 605 is highly versatile. A full sized ATX fits without a problem and still leaves you with ample working room, while GPUs up to 280mm are supported. This, of course, is cut down a bit when adding more than two hard drives, but with today’s smaller cards, there is plenty of room to pack in some punch. With no MB tray, per se, there are very limited options for hiding your cables. There is enough free space in the case to keep them out of the airflow, however, which is the more important part of cable routing.

The layout of the Node 605 also supports CPU coolers up to 125mm, which is a huge plus. While most HTPC cases limit you to ~50mm, the Node 605 opens up a slew of cooling possibilities. The other benefit is that larger coolers typically can use slower fan speeds to produce less noise. The airflow inside of the Node 605 is excellent for an HTPC case, and the R2 fans are easily up to the task while staying very quiet, regardless of speed. The three speed case fan switch is conveniently located and provides an extra fan header should you decide to add a fan. As always, Fractal Designs noise dampening material does an excellent job on the Node 605, keeping the noises that go on inside the case almost imperceptible on the outside.

Overall, I was very impressed with the Node 605 in basically every aspect. It is hard to emphasize just how good looking the Node 605 is in an entertainment center, and how at home it is among higher end equipment. One look says “Hey, I am a $1500 mono-block amp”. Installation was easy, and the component options and cooling flexibility is unmatched by any other HTPC I have come across with similar size. The silent cooling of the Node 605 is a huge plus in an HTPC environment, and the ability to use larger coolers certainly helps the cause even further. The Node 605 also lays out everything you could possibly hope to use on the front I/O for great convenience, while keeping it hidden away behind a very discreet door. The Fractal Design Node 605 certainly makes a huge statement that it belongs in the upper echelon of HTPC cases, and backs it up with beautiful design, incredible functionality and component flexibility and cooling that bely its size.


  • Excellent Engineering and Build Quality
  • Excellent Fit and Finish
  • Excellent Cooling
  • Dampened Front Door and Soft Touch Power Button Have Very Upscale Feel
  • Noise Dampening Leaves the Build Silent at All Fan Speeds
  • Dust Shields on All Intake Fans
  • Excellent Fan Expandability
  • Four HDD Mounts
  • USB 3.0, Firewire and Card Reader On Front Panel
  • Top Quality Materials Used In Every Component
  • Fits Full Sized ATX Motherboard
  • Accepts CPU Coolers Up to 125mm
  • Black Aluminum Front Panel Fits In Well With Top End Audio Equipment
  • Three Speed Fan Controller



  • Price A Little Higher Than Expected
  • No Clear Cable Routing