What do you do in your living room/den? How many times do you find yourself leaving the comfort of your couch to go check your email/Facebook/etc? Or, how many times do you wish you could be playing your games on the 42” LCD you have in the living room, or doing your video creation on the big screen? Chances are, if you don’t have a fairly powerful PC in your entertainment center, this happens quite a bit.



The thing is, until recently, you have had to make sacrifices to get this done. Either the PC had to be underpowered to fit into an HTPC case that looked good in your entertainment center, or you had to live with a tower stuck somewhere that was probably in the way. Not only in the way, but exposed to the pets, kids, dust and whatever else came along. The HTPC market has been growing, and we are now seeing cases that can handle getting a powerful build installed. Air flow has improved with the space, and attention to getting the air flowing quietly has been put at the forefront. There still aren’t a lot of cases capable of all this around, but Fractal Design has definitely addressed the situation with the Node 605.



The Fractal Design Node 605 certainly sets itself apart from other HTPC cases on the market. The Fractal Design Node 605 comes in looking for all the world like a piece of ultra-high end audio equipment more so than a small form factor computer case, with a sleek black brushed aluminum face and soft touch power button. Of course, there is more going on with the Node 605 than what you see from the outside. Down at the bottom is a very discreet flip down door that houses front audio, two USB 3.0, Firewire and a built in card reader, all that you would hope for in an entertainment unit. While fitting in with your high end audio, the internals of the Node 605 can house some serious computer components, including a full sized ATX motherboard. Not to be sold short on cooling, the Node 605 comes equipped with two 120mm R2 fans with room for one more 120mm and two 80mm. A side mounted three speed fan controller takes care of the stock fans plus one more optional fan. Breaking the height barriers typically associated with HTPC builds, the Node 605 has clearance for CPU coolers up to 125mm tall. Four HDD can be installed in either 2.5” or 3.5”, as well as a slim ODD, if mATX or mini-ITX motherboards are used. GPUs are accommodated up to 280mm in length, but is restricted by your HDD setup. Fractal Design’s infamous noise reduction is used on the top panel to make the Node 605 as quiet as it is good looking.