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Price Point

Price: $99.99 USD (MSRP)

Class: Mainstream

With a price point of $99.99 USD, the CM Storm Scout 2 Mid-Tower is in the mainstream category of gaming computer cases.

Reviewer's Opinion

The CM Storm Scout 2 mid-tower case is an updated design that thankfully does not fully abandon what made the original Scout popular among enthusiasts.  A suite of well rounded features on a foundation of top notch build quality is appealing to anyone with a semblance of taste.  Optical drives are slowly disappearing from desktop rigs so Cooler Master has done away with having five 5.25” drive bays inside the Scout and only opted for three. This should be more than enough for anyone as this provides at least one bay for an optical drive and two more for any front panel device such as a fan controller. 

The viewing window is now smaller on the Scout 2 but it is functionally superior to the original Scout design for installing additional fans now doesn’t encroach on the CPU heatsink height because it is positioned lower around the video card area. Positioning the optional side panel fans lower also prevents any clearance issues that might arise when mounting a thick 120mm radiator with push/pull fans.  240mm radiators can be installed now on the top area as well, although push/pull fan configurations will be impossible since there isn’t enough clearance between the radiator and the motherboard for a 25mm thick fan.  If a 240mm radiator is to be installed, fans have to be mounted outside after removing the dust filter cover.

Unlike the original Scout case, the CM Storm Scout 2 has excellent cable management options.  Cooler Master even opened up the area near the HDD cages so SATA cables could pass through conveniently without using the grommetted holes, which would be much more suitable for power supply cables. The recessed front panel I/O with a sliding cover is also a welcome improvement, perfect for keeping dust away when not in use.  The additional steel-reinforced, rubber-coated middle handle is also a stroke of genius, and blends really well with the rest of the design.    

Aside from motherboard and 2.5” drive installation, every component mounting is a tool-less affair that can be swiftly done in a matter of seconds.  There are some limitations when installing 5.25” external devices however as the tool-less locking mechanism only locks on the left side so half-length devices such as fan controllers need an additional screw on the right side so it can be properly mounted.  Also, there is room for up to seven internal HDDs but only 6 pairs of rails are provided.  Additional rails can be purchased at the for $4.99 a pair but you might as well purchase the entire accessory kit for $5.99 and receive extras. 

While the HDD rail is an extremely minor complaint, I am more concerned with the case feet used in the CM Storm Scout II.  It definitely looks attractive with its silver trim and rubber sole but it is hollow inside like the feet used on the CM Storm Trooper case.  Both these cases are supposedly designed for portability, the ruggedly tough handles and exterior but it does not make sense to pair them with feet that are fragile in comparison.  I would have preferred that they used a solid plastic feet like the ones found on generic cases than the ones Cooler Master used on both the CM Storm Trooper and CM Storm Scout II.  Their feet are not interchangeable as the Scout II’s is smaller and has less exposed plastic area. If the CM Storm Scout 2 was a person, it would be Angelina Jolie wearing army camouflage and high heels.  The build quality is simply gorgeous and when combined with the gunmetal-gray paint, it somehow works and frames the aesthetic in a sensible light.  Once you pan down and see the fragile shoes however, you realize that this can’t possibly be as rugged as it claims to be.  Too bad as it scores high marks on everything else and would have gotten an Editor’s choice award easily if not for those case feet. Cooler Master should’ve also known better since the CM Storm Trooper came out a year ago.


  • Top Notch build quality
  • Recessed and covered front I/O
  • Storm Guard peripheral protection lock
  • 162mm tall heatsink support
  • 287mm VGA clearance (399mm without HDD cage)
  • Removable power supply dust filter
  • Tool-less VGA, HDD and 5.25" device installation
  • 3.5" to 2.5" adapter included
  • Excellent cable management options
  • Large CPU backplate cutout
  • Eight additional fan mounting areas
  • Top 240mm radiator support
  • Two grommetted water-cooling holes
  • Sufficiently long front panel cables



  • Fragile plastic feet for a case designed to be rugged
  • CM Storm Guard is secured only by thumbscrews outside the case
  • PCI-slot covers are not perforated for airflow
  • Only six pairs of HDD rails included when there are seven internal slots



HiTech Legion Gold Award