Car lovers have an understanding about what the words clean and sleek mean. Many of them desire sports cars that have beautiful smooth lines. A desirable enthusiast car needs to look fast even when sitting still. Every detail matters in the design, from the look of the wheels to the styling of the keys. Besides looks, of course, is the functionality of the vehicle. Some things that are often considered are the performance level the car offers, ease of repair, and the comfort level while driving. Sometimes basic, simple looks are a better fit though, depending on a person’s preference.

Lian Li 7hx Mid Tower Case



When it comes to computers, aesthetics, performance, and functionality matter in many of the same ways as cars. In a sense, the customization that can be done to a computer chassis is only limited by creativity and the slate that is started with. Lian Li is known for making quality computer cases by providing functionality and solid construction. The aesthetics of their cases typically feature clean lines and a basic design. This design offers a blank slate for the modder or for someone who wants a case that will not stick out in their space.

Lian Li 7hx Mid Tower Case Side View


The Lian Li PC-7HX is no exception when it comes to the design philosophy that Lian Li uses. The PC-7HX is constructed out of aluminum and has a solid build. Lian Li designed the PC-7HX to utilize a positive pressure cooling design with two 140mm fans in the front bezel and a single 120mm fan in the rear to exhaust the hot air. A hard drive cage is included that will support four 3.5 inch drives along with a single 2.5 inch drive. The drive cage is removable and also can be upgraded with a back-plate to provide hot swap capabilities. The front I/O panel features two USB 3.0 ports, as well as audio jacks with a cover, to hide them when they are not in use.