NZXT Hades Midtower Case Review

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 950 WindForce 2x Overclocking Edition

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The name 'Hades' is typically associated with imagery of the underworld. In Greek mythology, Hades is the god of the dead and ruler of the Underworld. He was a powerful and merciless warrior. His name struck fear and respect among the living, who were in no hurry to make his acquaintance. Hades also represents a land of darkness and mist, inhabited only by the souls of the dead. The latest addition to NZXT's 'Crafted Series' has been given the name Hades to match the powerful cooling performance and dark, mysterious aesthetics. As a gamer, you may well want Hades on your side for a fragging session.



The NZXT Hades is one of the latest additions to their fine 'Crafted Series'. The NZXT Hades joins the legendary Lexa, Tempest and new Tempest EVO in a high quality line aimed squarely at gamers and enthusiasts.


The NZXT Hades has very distinct styling, and comes packed with a long list of features. 200mm intake fans on the front and side of the case are complimented with 120mm rear and  140mm top exhaust fans, which are speed adjustable on the front of the case itself. There is also room for a second optional 120/140mm exhaust fan on the top. The NZXT Hades has space for four 5.25” external, and five 3.5” internal drives, and comes with an adapter that can mount two 2.5” SSD drives. Even as a midtower, the NZXT Hades has over 300mm clearance for the video card, allowing even the HD5970 ample room. Another unique feature, the NZXT Hades features three temperature sensors and a digital readout placed discretely on the nose of the case.