Have you ever taken a moment to stop and look up at the sky to enjoy the beauty? I certainly have, most recently while on a camping trip. Living in the city, it is rare that the skies are clear and dark enough to be able to see the stars. On the other hand, being in the woods the light pollution is non-existent and the beauty of the stars can be amazing. There are many constellations to view with clear skies and one of my favorites is Orion. It can only be viewed at certain times of the year, depending on where in the world someone might live.

Raidmax Orion Mid Tower Case


Enjoying the beauty of nature is something everyone should try to do in their lives. Sometimes stopping to take a moment to soak in the view can relax people from the stressed out world we live in. Enjoying computer systems is another area that allows many people to relax. The Raidmax Orion case takes from nature some of its aesthetics. The case features a midnight black finish with the blue glow from the front intake fan. The aggressive styling of the case makes the case a sight to enjoy, while destressing from the fast paced world.

Raidmax Orion Mid Tower Case Side View


The Raidmax Orion mid-tower case features a black/blue plastic and steel construction. Raidmax designed the Orion with ventilation in mind, placing mesh in multiple places to allow fresh air to enter. The mesh areas of the case have support for additional intake and exhaust fans, supporting (2) 120mm fans in the front, (1) 120mm fan in the rear, (2) 120mm fans in the top, and a 120mm or 180mm fan on the side panel. The motherboard tray of the Orion case has support for Full ATX and Micro ATX form factors. There are plenty of areas to install storage devices with (5) 2.5/3.5 inch hard drive trays and an additional bracket for (2) 2.5 inch drives on the bottom of the case. The Raidmax case includes USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 support on the front panel and up to (3) 5.25” devices can be installed externally.