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Mainstream cases were a lot different a decade ago, compared to the current crop of mainstream chassis.  Buyers now also expect a lot more for their money. A lot of features found on high-end designs can be commonly found in mainstream and sometimes even budget products, resulting in a very competitive market. While some manufacturers focused on simplifying their product line to corner a niche market, some opted to cast a wider net and expand.

Rosewill R5 USB 3.0 Mid-tower Case


Armed with an extremely diverse product portfolio, extending beyond PC components and even into household kitchen items, it is a wonder how Rosewill manages to craft cases that are specifically designed to address enthusiast needs.  With the impressive Thor and Blackhawk cases in their lineup, Rosewill now moves into extending their mid-tower line with the release of the R5 USB 3.0 equipped case. 

Rosewill R5 USB 3.0 Mid-tower Case


The Rosewill R5 mid-tower case is designed with gamers in mind.  The Rosewill R5 case can fit video cards up to 320mm long and has room for tall aftermarket CPU coolers, up to 170mm in height. The pair of 120mm fan mounting options above the Rosewill R5 mid-tower case is also compatible with 240mm water-cooling radiator mounting for enthusiasts who want a stronger cooling solution in a mid-tower chassis.  Rosewill has also included a built-in fan controller at the top of the R5 that can control up to three 3-pin fans the same time. For installation convenience, Rosewill designed the R5 case with tool-less mounting support, while providing plenty of cable routing options for organization.