Azza Helios 910 Case Review

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In Greek mythology, Helios is the God of the Sun.  He is described as riding his fiery chariot across the sky.  We see this heavenly event as the Sun traversing its path from east to west.  Therefore, it is no wonder the word Helios has become synonymous with our own fiery star at the center of our universe.



In keeping with a mythic theme, Azza has named their latest case the Helios.  The Azza Helios 910 case is a fiery chariot in its own right.  The Azza Helios stands apart from other cases by the extra large ventilation fan that resembles a chariot wheel embedded in its side, or it could be the blue LED inside the fan that causes it to resemble a bright sun as the Helios 910 chariot carries your computer data across cyberspace.


You would think the word Helios would be a misnomer, since it is associated with heat.  The last thing any computer user wants is too much heat inside the case.  On the contrary, today’s cases are primarily designed with cooling and ventilation in mind.  So why would Azza call their latest case Helios?  Although the word Helios might bring to mind images of flames and heat, the Azza Helios can show that there are other ways in which something can be “hot”.