George Lucas is a name that most people would recognize as the genius behind Star Wars. His scripts and movies are some of the most recognized in history. The depth of the universe and backstory shows how powerful a story teller Lucas is. His characters include some of my favorite characters, the ever obedient Storm Troopers. Since they are clones, they just walk into battle, with no care for their own self being and no emotions. The epic space battles that were produced are also amazing, considering the technology they had available at the time. His staff had to use all kinds of miniatures and cinematography tricks to make the battles possible.

CM Storm Stryker White Full Tower Case


You may be scratching your head and asking what George Lucas has to do with computer hardware. Well the answer to that is simple, the Star Wars universe has inspired many games and computer hardware designs. The CM Storm Stryker isn’t necessarily inspired by the Star Wars universe, but you can certainly say that the aesthetics of the shiny, white finish and black details resemble those of a Storm Trooper. The styling of the case has an aggressive look and all it needs is a blaster rifle to complete the look.

CM Storm Stryker White Side View


The CM Storm Stryker is a full tower computer case targeted at the gaming audience. The finish on the CM Storm Stryker is white and black, it is stunning and of high quality. Cooler Master designed the Stryker with quality in mind, as well as portability. The case has a convenient rubber coated carrying handle on the top and is made of steel. It includes a large side window for viewing the internal components and plenty of cooling. The stock cooling features a 200mm fan on top, 140mm in the rear, and (2) 120mm fans attached to the hard drive bays. The hard drive bays are removable and rotatable so the drives can be set up to face either side of the case, as well as the rear. The case has been designed to house the largest graphics cards as well as large CPU heatsinks. Along with these features is the ability to organize the cables neatly using the cable routing holes and tie downs on the motherboard tray.