As a child of the late 80’s, I distinctly remember the cartoon of the time being Transformers. I can even hear the theme song playing through my head, particularly the lines “more than meets the eye” and “robots in disguise”. So when the Transformers movie series came out, it was like reliving my childhood to some degree. Of course I appreciated the modern special effects of the movies. What man doesn’t like massive sound and explosions everywhere in a movie? There was something nostalgic about those 80’s cartoons though that was simply amazing, even watching them as an adult.

AZZA Genesis 9000 White Full Tower Case



Devices with more than one function are becoming common in our everyday lives, but I have yet to see anything Transformer like. One thing is for sure, designers of computer parts seem to be getting more creative. They are coming up with more interesting designs, while at the same time engineering systems to provide optimal performance. Computer cases are no exception, with the styles people want changing all the time, manufacturers don’t have much of a choice. Style is not the only thing users are looking for though, performance and quality are a becoming more important in case design. AZZA recognizes this with their case designs and continues to be innovative.

AZZA Genesis 9000 White Side View


The AZZA Genesis 9000 is a full tower case with features an enthusiast would appreciate. The AZZA Genesis 9000 in white has a beautiful painted finish on the exterior and interior of the case. The designers did a great job designing an attractive case, while filling it with functionality. The case features include the ability to mount dual power supply units in the front and rear or a single PSU in either location. Plenty of room is included for storage devices, with a total nine bays and two include the ability to easily swap hard drives, along with some unique features, such as the ability to mount hardware in reverse ATX or the standard ATX form factor. The case's stock cooling is designed to optimally remove excess heat from the computer components in a vertical air configuration, pushing air from the bottom of the case to be exhausted at top. The cooling setup includes two 230mm fans at the top, two 140mm fans at the bottom, one 120mm fan on the rear, and two 120mm fans on the side panel of the case. It has plenty of fans to keep the system cool but if they are not enough, there is room for the largest water cooling radiator in the industry.