XION XON-980-BK ATX Mid-Tower Case Review

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 950 WindForce 2x Overclocking Edition

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This summer has already been very hot with the air conditioning indefinitely broken in my building. The problem with the building is that it was designed for air conditioning. Thanks to this design the airflow in the building is not very good and the windows only open a very small amount. The mechanical failure of the AC units has tested the insulation and it does a great job keeping the heat in, which is great in the winter, but in the summer months, it is counterproductive. Add some fans to the situation and you basically create a large convection oven.



With computer cases, the idea is to create an attractive yet functional home for the various components that make up a system. As with people, keeping computer components at a reasonable temperature keeps them happy and improves their life. To achieve functionality, case manufacturers must keep airflow and cooling in mind while designing new products. However, we can’t forget that price and aesthetics have also become a huge deciding factor for choosing the case that will become the home for those precious computer components. XION, with their 10 years of experience, provides us with a case targeting the mainstream gamer.


The XION XON-980-BK Mid-Tower fits the needs of a gamer. The XON-980-BK provides a functional and attractive case while maintaining the appropriate price point. XION packed this case with plenty of features, most notably the honeycomb mesh design for maximum airflow. Utilizing the airflow of the case there are two 120mm red LED fans for intake on the front panel and one 120mm fan included. The case includes space for up to seven 120mm fans and supports dual 120mm radiators in the top for water cooling. The two dust filters on the bottom intakes are removable for easy cleaning, all other intake areas have dust filters that are permanent. Included on the top of the case is a four button fan controller that allows you to turn on or off up to four fans. The front I/O panel has all the connectivity that most gamers would desire, including two USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports, and audio jacks.