Diablotek Abyss White ATX Mid Tower Case Review

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Sports uniforms confuse me. I understand the reason they implement all these throwback uniforms (jersey sales). I just don't understand what the reasoning was behind the coloring at that time. For instance, on Sunday home games, the White Sox are wearing their 1972 uniforms. Those uniforms feature red pinstripes. White Sox wearing red? The Red Sox are even in the same AL league, just in the East. I know the Red Sox never used pinstripes, but it's damn confusing.



At least when it comes to computer cases, the confusing ones are usually custom builds. Traditionally, most manufacturers only make black cases that may feature a white variance. However, there are a few out there that like to put some color into their cases. I was never really into anything other than the traditional black until recently. Now, I think I have taken a new liking to white styled cases. Being a 3rd shifter, most of my time is spent in dim lighting. White cases seem to brighten up the area, where black just blends in and virtually disappears.


The Diablotek Abyss White ATX Mid Tower has recently been added to the market. The Diablotek Abyss has been advertised to offer $89.99 features at a $69.99 price. Key features include construction out of 0.6mm thick SECC steel materials, front panel dual USB 3.0 ports, tool free drive bay design, and water cooling compatibility. The Diablotek Abyss can fit GPU sizes up to 330mm. The Abyss also uses a bottom mount PSU design. Motherboards of both ATX and Micro ATX are compatible. Diablotek includes a 1 year warranty on the Abyss cases.