I consider myself fond of all things "Stealth". From my recollection, there really hasn't been anything released using the term stealth that has been bad. I am a fan of stealth action games. One of the token stealth games will always be Thief. It still holds up as one of the best first person sneaker games. The stealth bomber was and still remains one of the most notable stealth aircraft. There are still 20 in service today and they've been used in Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya. Even with cars, the Dodge Stealth was a very good car. I attribute that to Dodge buying the 3000GT design from Mitsubishi and "Americanizing" it. OK, there was a crappy movie called Stealth, but it did have Jessica Biel in it. I'll consider that a wash.



MSI has had many products over the years. Most people only recognize them for their motherboards and GPUs, however, they do produce other things. They have entire lineups of fully loaded PCs, laptops, and tablets. They also produce some alternative computer accessories and components. They have a wireless division with add in cards and routers. One of the newest areas that they are delving into is the world of computer cases. There are currently only a few out to their name. However, all are aimed at the gaming market and have unique features that separate them all.


The MSI Stealth Mid Tower is aimed right at the heart of the budget gamer. The Stealth features a thermal design with some key components for gamer's needs. One of the key components to the Stealth is the cooling. A 120mm LED front intake fan and 120mm rear exhaust fan come pre installed. The option is open to add top and side fans to further vent the case. The top features a finned design for looks and exhaust flow. The top I/O panel features dual USB 3.0 and dual USB 2.0 ports along with a dedicated super charger USB 2.0 port. The Super Charger port is designed to power mobile devices like phones, tablets, and media players faster and uses a Molex power connection. The front bezel also utilizes a one-of-a-kind shock resistant rubber finish. Internally, the Stealth uses a tool free design on both the 5.25" and 3.5" drive bays. Cable management is made easy using routed holes and 0.75" of space behind the motherboard tray. One of the separating factors with the stealth is their GPU support. The stealth fits up to 310mm GPU cards and includes a VGA card stabilizer that extends from above the 3.5" drive bays to prevent movement of the GPU and warping of PCI-E slots.