Gigabyte GeForce GTX 950 WindForce 2x Overclocking Edition

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Sometimes a splash of color can add life to an otherwise bland scene. Sometimes, however, framing a scene in black and white produces an ethereal and stronger image. A photograph captured in black and white forces the viewer to acknowledge the contrast and focus on details that normally would be overlooked in a colored photo. A black and white statement is concise and takes a more pronounced shape. It is visually “one” and “zero”, decisive without being dismissive. The tonal ranges are limited and what is left is the essential; the point of the message with minimal distortion.

Cooler Master Advanced Black and White Edition Case



Taking the necessities of an enthusiast and focusing on the essentials was the driving force in the creation of the original Cooler Master 690 case.  Offered in the sub $100 price range, the CM 690 delivered features that normally were only found in premium and full-tower cases to the mainstream. To keep the price within range, Cooler Master minimized the fluff and the extra features that were not practical.  Almost three years since its introduction, the CM 690 II Advanced case is still as popular as ever, due to its well rounded feature-set.  The latest incarnation of the CM 690 II Advanced is a Black and White version, aiming to address the shortcomings of the original that have arisen since it was introduced in late 2009.

Cooler Master Advanced Black and White Edition Case


The CM 690 II Advanced Black and White Edition case boasts more than just a fresh coat of paint.  The new CM 690 II Advanced Black and White edition also adds USB 3.0 functionality, a side window, improved cable management options and a new high-airflow front bezel design.  Able to mount a 240mm radiator at the top or at the bottom, the CM 690 II B&W Edition case fits enthusiast-class needs in a mid-tower form factor.  Tall CPU coolers, up to 177mm, can also be installed inside the CM 690 II B&W USB 3.0 Edition case paired with GPUs up to 304mm in length.  Depending on the motherboard model, an HD 6990 can be installed when the bottom HDD cage is removed.