I love watching older movies that are set in the future…which many times are set in what is now the past….but was the future when they were made….you know what I mean, and, no Luke, I am not your father. Of course, very little of what is depicted actually came true. I mean, sure, bell bottoms did make a comeback, but they weren’t typically made of shiny silver material with a stripe down the side, and they weren’t some kind of mandatory dress code. The bell bottoms in 1960s and 70s sci-fi films never made much sense, anyway. Probably the worst possible fashion design to be wearing when you do all of your travel on propellered hover boogie board….




So here we are in 2012 and, miraculously, we aren’t all wearing silver uniforms and darting around in air cars firing at each other with lasers. Nor has a race of Amazon women from Venus taken us over while wearing open to the navel jumpsuits (that may have been interesting, actually). Instead, we are quickly turning into bumbling idiots so hooked on social networking that we can no longer drive a car (never mind a hover craft) or simply walk down the street without bumping into something. Of course, we can no longer manage to verbally communicate, either. All hail what the masses can do with technology….Of course, the other big difference from previous depictions is that the entire world did not, in fact, become covered with brushed aluminum on every possible surface.



Renowned case manufacturer Lian Li is taking the Mini-ITX case to new levels, and their new PC-Q09FN is a prime example. The Lian Li PC-Q09FN is a brushed aluminum chassis barely larger than a cable box, with some incredibly flexible mounting options and a 300 watt 80Plus Certified PSU included. The PC-Q09FN is simple in styling, playing off excellent finish and clean lines to present an absolutely top-tier look. Top and bottom panels snap off in a unique tool-free deign, with aluminum feet on the bottom panel. On the inside, the PC-Q09FN shows off excellent design with flexibility to house three 2.5” drives, one 3.5” drive and one slim optical drive with the cages being removable and configurable. With all cages installed, the PC-Q09FN offers 50mm clearance for CPU cooling, while this can be increased by removing the 3.5” and/or optical cages to max at over 100mm. To further aid in cooling, a 120mm exhaust fan is included with a side mount near the CPU/RAM area. The clean face of the PC-Q09FN features all brushed aluminum, with a matching optical drive knockout, two USB 3.0 and a large multi-color illuminated power button that also acts as an HDD activity indicator.