Thermaltake Armor Revo Snow Edition Full Tower Case Review

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I've never really been a buyer of gimmicky cases. Typically, I buy for functionality above all. I want a case that can meet all of my needs before I care about flashy lights and pretty colors. There are many manufacturers that make cases that look like something from a low budget sci-fi movie. They try to put as many stickers and lights on them as they can to make them look like they are higher quality cases, but then try to throw on a $30-$40 price tag. It's kind of like the ricer car mentality, more stickers and a body kit must make it faster, rather than spending the money on actual car improvements. Maybe save that $700-$1500 body kit and do something more worthwhile, like better intake/exhaust manifolds, or put it towards a turbo upgrade. I'll never get why people are so quick to throw on flashy lights and gauges.



Thermaltake has come out with some very nice cases that provide all functionality needs, while tossing in a few pleasing aesthetics. It can be seen that the needs came first, then the looks afterwards. Their latest releases of full towers have virtually contained the same interior features on paper, however, they have all kept distinct differences that would set them apart. One of the last cases that I could see as being near perfect was the Chaser MK-I. It contained absolutely everything that I needed, as a gamer, and then some. There was an external dock, tons of cooling, and ample internal space for nearly every setup. The only big issue was that it was limited on its liquid cooling compatibility.


The Thermaltake Armor Revo Snow Edition has taken the formula from the Chaser MK-I and made it better. The Armor Revo Snow Edition provides both slick looks and ultimate functionality. The first thing that you will notice with the Snow Edition is the white color and the moving armor panels that border the front bezel. Next, you will see the top I/O panel that contains 2 USB 3.0 ports, 2 USB 2.0 ports, 1 e-SATA port, 3.5mm jacks, a high/low fan controller, fan LED toggle switch, power/reset buttons, and a HDD docking station. If you turn to the left side panel, there is the headphone hanger (as seen on the Level 10GT and Chaser Mk-I) and a big transparent window. Inside, there is room for 4 5.25" ODD drives and 6 3.5"/2.5" drives. Internal bays are all tool free. PSU is bottom mount with a filter underneath, and a spacer that it rests on to ensure excellent airflow. Cooling features a 200mm front intake, 200mm side intake, 200mm top exhaust, and 140mm rear exhaust fan. There is cable management with routing holes with rubber covers and a lip behind the motherboard tray. As per the new norm, there is a large tray cut out for easy heat sink swapping.