It’s the middle of May and the Mets are over .500. If you have seen their roster, coupled with their DL, you know this is pretty improbable. As a Mets fan, I am enjoying it, but also fully expect the bottom to drop out at any given moment. Except for the mid 1980s, this is the pain of being a Mets fan. We are NY’s second class baseball citizens, and we readily accept that. Even many of our heroes were transplants from other NY teams. Casey Stengel and Gil Hodges from the Dodgers, Willie Mays from the Giants and even the immortal Yogi Berra managed us to a World Series. Yogi was always more than any team association. Yogi was, well….Yogi.




Yogi Berra was some strange type of everyman shaman/prophet/seer. He said the strangest things, and somehow they made sense if you thought about them too long. He could look the camera dead-on and, with his child-like innocence, state “if the world was perfect, it wouldn’t be”. Or randomly shake his head and state “a nickel ain’t worth a dime anymore…”. His quotes were fabled and storied, to the point that they drove him to quip “I never said most of the things I said”. None was more famous than “it’s like déjà vu all over again” and in these days of PEM components, he may well have been talking about computer cases.



Enermax is a well known manufacturer of high end power supplies, and some of the best fans around, but they also have a full case line, including the budget gamer the ECA3175-BL. The Enermax ECA3175-BL mid-tower case comes in at a low price, but it is rich in gaming style features with room for a full ATX motherboard, six 3.5” internal and one external HDD bays, as well as four 5.25” optical drive bays. To keep the gaming build looking good, the ECA3175-BL is finished in black inside and out, and features a large side window to show off your components. Front audio and USB 3.0 and 2.0 keep connections within easy reach on the black mesh nose featuring a blue LED intake fan. One 120mm fan is included, with room for rear and bottom mount 120mm fans, and two rear panel holes to accommodate liquid cooling.