Cooler Master Gladiator 600 Mid Tower Case Review

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The Cooler Master Gladiator 600

The Gladiator 600 comes packaged in a white box with a vibrant purple border, with a large clear photo of the case itself. The back and side of the box show off the highlights and specifications of the case with clear concise photos.

The case comes packaged in the standard Styrofoam end caps, with a heavy plastic covering to prevent marring of the finish.


When taking the Gladiator 600 out of its packaging, I was quite surprised. It had always looked somewhat nondescript in photos, but in person it is a very good looking case. The matte black finish is very good quality and the case has a nicely appointed and very solid look to it and the muted chrome accent plate adds style without being distracting. The front mounted connectors for USB, audio and eSATA are exposed and well laid out. There is room for five 5.25” drives, with an included 3.5” adapter.


Both side panels are toolless and remove easily. The front bezel is pressure fitted, and also removes with gentle pressure, but is secure when in place.