If you have read some of my reviews and articles, you may have noticed that I have a certain affinity for Rockabilly. Not just the music, but the styles that go with it. Gas jockey shirts and jeans, engineer boots, tats, Sonny Burgess on the radio and fast showy cars that don’t handle worth a damn. It somewhat goes into all things 50s, I just like the campiness of it all. Everything was exaggerated, especially the cars. Big fins, chrome everywhere and the birth of the “hot rod”. While there were a fair share that were falling apart, the goal was always to show as much as go.



The show didn’t stop on the outside of the car, though. Sure, sedans were chopped and channeled, totally customized for a sleeker look and to catch the eye on the boulevard. You wanted to pull up to a light and have the person next to you not want to race you through sheer intimidation. Even under the hood was chromed. Just how did one show that off? Easy….take off the hood and let the guts shine through. Nothing beats a well detailed engine compartment as a finishing touch to a show car or intimidator, much the same way a well-placed side window can show off a perfectly executed build in today’s computer world.


With the NZXT Phantom 410 Special Edition, NZXT went directly to the fans and asked them what colors they wanted their cases. Voting took place, and the top four color combinations have come to life as the NZXT Phantom 410 Special Edition. We took a look at the NZXT Phantom 410 upon its initial release and found it to be a truly excellent case all around. The Phantom 410 SE is a mid-tower case with clean cut lines that are designed by Johnny Hou at NZXT in his trademark styling, right at the cutting edge, while making an elegant impression. To add to this, NZXT has added top quality finishes to the Phantom 410 SE in gunmetal/black trim, black/white trim, black/orange trim and white/blue trim to make for an excellent housing for a truly showpiece build. In addition to great aesthetics, all of the features of the Phantom 410 have been held over. Flexible options give you space for MBs from mini-ITX to ATX, six tool free HDD bays with the top HDD cage removable, space for 240mm radiator up top, three included fans with the top exhaust sporting a white LED, built in fan controller and excellent cable routing options. For serious gamers, the removable top HDD cage opens up space for multiple video cards larger than any currently available on the market. When your showpiece is finished, a side window lets you show it off with lighting provided by the top fan LED.