Nobody laments the demise of the beige computer chassis but, for the most part, the lack of alternative color options available for current cases is equally depressing. The color choices available are mostly black and white. The latter, thankfully, gaining popularity with the massive success of the NZXT Phantom case, which pretty much set the trend. Not to be left out, other manufacturers have also begun offering white, snow and even "albino" editions of their product line to stay competitive.

NZXT Switch 810 Special Edition



Introduced shortly after CES 2012, the NZXT Switch 810 is a hybrid full-tower case that sports the familiar white coat of the NZXT Phantom case. The Switch 810 was impressive with its "hybrid" approach in accommodating high-end water cooling and traditional air-cooling systems at a reasonable price range. NZXT is further expanding choices for their new product line with the announcement of a new Special Edition series.


The NZXT Switch 810 Special Edition introduces two new color options for fans of the previously released Hybrid tower case. The NZXT Switch 810 SE, in either Gunmetal or Black matte finish, maintains the flexible housing options of the original Switch 810 but also includes an updated tool-less HDD caddie that now allows the use of 90 degree SATA and power cables for SSD/2.5" drives. Capable of housing a 65mm thick triple fan push-pull radiator on top, as well as a dual-fan radiator at the bottom, the NZXT Switch 810 is a water-cooling enthusiast's dream. Air cooling enthusiasts also have plenty of options to choose from with 10 fan mounting areas to keep your components cool. As with the original Switch 810 case, the NZXT Switch 810 SE has two USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3.0 ports and an SD Card reader in a recessed front panel area, as well as a SATA III hot-swap drive bay for convenient external storage expansion.