Cooler Master Cosmos II Ultra Tower Case Review

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While testing and trying out products is fun, a small part of the review process is often spent thinking about the motivations behind the manufacture of the product itself. Most often, it is to provide a more economical alternative to the current crop and sometimes it is to introduce a new type of item that has never been seen before. Sometimes it is about the way a product looks and maybe sometimes an idea is simply too compelling to ignore. Once in a while, however, you come across something unique that was built to make a statement and is as important to the manufacturers as it is to the users who will be buying it.

Cooler Master Cosmos II



In 2007, Cooler Master launched the original Cosmos case and established a new high-end case segment. It featured an elegant design that was sleek, refreshingly futuristic yet, at the same time, retro inspired with its silver body and rounded edges as if it came from a 50's space ship. This elegance was expanded upon with the release of the Cosmos S a year later, drawing design inspiration from modern race cars by applying a mix of lightweight aluminum and mesh for enhanced airflow. Four years later, Cooler Master is ready to bring change to the high-end chassis segment, once again, with a new Cosmos case.

Cooler Master Cosmos II


The Cosmos II Ultra tower case is Cooler Master's latest flagship chassis designed to provide luxury and style to modern system building. The Cooler Master Cosmos II has been awarded a Red Dot 2012 design and is made of high-grade aluminum exterior with a steel-alloy frame. Space is not an issue inside the Cooler Master Cosmos II Ultra tower case, having the ability to house XL-ATX motherboards, as well as provide room for up to 11 HDDs/SSDs. Two more 3.5" drives can be placed on the pair of X-dock lockable hot-swap bays accessible through the front. CPU heatsinks up to 190mm tall can be installed inside the Cosmos II Ultra tower, as well as video cards up to 385mm long. With 10 PCI-E expansion slots, users even have enough room for a 5-way SLI/CrossfireX multi-GPU setup.