With Christmas right around the corner, I realized that I need to make a decision quickly.

About three months ago, I decided that I would build my nieces a computer for Christmas to get them out of their old hand me down E-Machine my brother gave them three years ago. I decided to go with an Athlon II processor on a 785G motherboard with 4 gigs of RAM and a 500 GB HDD. With the release of the new 5000 series of ATI video cards, the decision was pretty simple that I would be using a 5750 to take advantage of the Windows 7 OS I would be using. My nieces are both all girl - there is no “tomboy” at all in either of them, so I wanted to make sure I chose a case that said, at least to them, “this is mine”.




I set out in search of a case that would satisfy my requirements and also be eye appealing to my nieces. Since the build is not a gaming rig, I also wanted to make sure the case came with a dependable power supply. I looked at many cases, which kind of said female, until I came across the Cooler Master Elite 310 Series.



The Cooler Master Elite 310 is a mid tower case that includes a 420W PSU. The Cooler Master Elite 310 also comes in colors and one of them happens to be white with pink trim. Finally, I found what I was looking for; Cooler Master is known to manufacture quality cases, which made me feel comfortable in using the Elite 310 Series. It has a Power Supply that should be more than capable of handling the load demanded by the processor and video card and, best of all, the Cooler Master 310 Elite comes with pink trim on the bezel, which happens to be my nieces’ favorite color.