Sometimes practicality is preferred over eye candy, but what if practicality also offered a bit of eye candy. Wouldn’t it be better to kill two birds with one stone than settling for just one? Computer cases offer different designs and features but rarely do we see a computer case that is both practical and eye catching or vice versa. We usually classify cases as gaming or business and leave out the in-between, which leaves us to settle for one or the other.



Over the last year, Thermaltake has been offering a line of cases which takes the concept of practicality mixed with eye candy and has produced the Element series. The Element series offers multiple cases that range from Mid Tower to Full, each with their own set of features which encompass its concept. All cases have the same basic design and construction but each level offers a little more eye candy than the other while remaining practical.



The Thermaltake Element V Full Tower Case is the first full tower case offered in the Element series. The Element V offers the convenience of the full tower design to house larger gaming or business components but does not stop there. Five fans are provided for ventilation and its side 200mm, front and top 120mm fans have color control features to add just the right amount of bling without going overboard. A bottom mounted PSU (not provided) and cable management system which includes a cut out in the motherboard tray for easy heatsink removal are all features to insure the Thermaltake Element V provides unimpeded air flow across all major components.