Price Point

Price: $69.95

Class: Mainstream

The NZXT Lexa S is soundly in the mainstream price point at $70.


The performance of the Lexa S was quite good for its size.  It is a compact case in the mid tower category, but thanks to the well designed cooling ventilation, the case manages to keep the interior components quite cool.  The fan speed control knobs on the front panel allow for fine tuning of the intake and exhaust fan speeds to give the user the control over fan noise versus required cooling performance.  The construction is quite sturdy and keeps everything securely in place with room for expansion.  The interior also allows enough room for an addition of a small water cooling system for added cooling performance.

Reviewer's Opinion

The NZXT Lexa S is an extremely well built case for the money.  There is a great deal of room within the interior to accommodate just about any system you could wish to put into it, including the larger sized higher end graphics cards.  The simple installation allows for easy system builds, with quick hard drive swaps and installations made simple by the HDD rail system.  The large opening behind the CPU socket on the motherboard also provides easy access to the back of the motherboard tray for simple CPU upgrades without the need for removing the motherboard.  The subtle lighting is a nice touch as well, adding to the spaceship like appeal that the case appearance has.  Good overall case for the money.



  • Performance
  • Looks
  • Fan Speed Controls
  • Simple Installation
  • Excellent cable management
  • Access port through motherboard tray


  • none




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