I’m a pretty big science fiction geek and I really enjoy a good alien movie or video game.  The look and style of alien technology I find to be quite appealing.  The curved lines with a very futuristic and mechanical feel to it is a unique look that stands out quite far from the rest.  I have particularly liked the Halo universe created on the Xbox system with its approach to a futuristic war between the human race and an alien race hell bent on the destruction of mankind.  The alien ships and their armor embodies a particular style that is quite interesting, with its distinctly alien look.

NZXT Lexa S Shell



Many computer cases have begun to adopt this particular alien like style, which has left the case market flooded with futuristic styled cases.  Many have begun to look the same with little in the way of creativity or uniqueness.  This makes it very refreshing when a case manufacturer puts out a case that still embraces the futuristic look straight from the world of science fiction, but manages to bring a style all its own as well.  One company notorious for accomplishing this has been NZXT with their high quality line of computer cases.

Lexa S Case Lit


The NZXT Lexa S case is everything we love about the futuristic look with a style all its own.  The NZXT Lexa S blends beautiful style with functionality, including dual fan speed control.  The quality of construction is up to NZXT standards with plenty of space to accommodate just about any components needed within the confines of the case.  The smoked acrylic window allows a nice view of those interior components that we all want to show off.