Bottom line, I am a pretty big gaming geek.  I love everything gaming, whether it is my Xbox 360, PS3, or my trusty PC games.  I like FPS and RPG games, car racing and RTS games, you name it and I will play it.   A personal favorite of mine is a good round of Call of Duty with a group of friends or a big LAN party, which usually means that it’s time to pack up my gear for a little trip.  This may not sound like too big of a deal, but when you are packing a keyboard, mouse, control pad, gaming keypad, speakers, monitor and the large heavy mid or full tower case, there is nothing simple about the trip.



I have been shopping around for a LAN party worthy case for quite a while now, but nothing has really caught my attention as a great case for building a LAN system in.  Most are either boring looking or too compact to allow a full sized graphics card.  I seem to be a bit picky about this because I am looking for style, size and functionality, which seem to be an elusive thing when discussing LAN cases, until I found the Lanbox Lite from Thermaltake.


The Thermaltake Lanbox Lite case brings the compact design with nice functionality to the LAN/HTPC case market.  The Thermaltake Lanbox Lite allows simple installation with excellent airflow capabilities.  The ability for the case to be disassembled completely in a systematic manner allows for a very simple installation, even when looking at how compact the interior design is.  This lends itself as a great feature for gamers who, like myself, are known to have their systems apart quite often for upgrades.