The personal computer industry has come a long way from the old beige box. With great strides in hardware over the last twenty years, we have seen improvements in all facets of the computer industry. From the old 90nm single core processors and old, antiquated GPUs, we have seen a shift to faster, more power efficient products. This shift hasn't only been relegated to these certain types of hardware, but we have also seen a shift in the industry as whole, with companies like NZXT that make a large portion of third party products, like chassis, power cable accessories, fans, fan controllers and the list goes on. It's these products that have determined what is, or what is becoming, today's trends for the consumer. Third party products, such as cases, have become sort of like a fashion show, we see what all these different companies are offering and sit back in wonder and admire what is being walked down the runway.

NZXT Switch 810



The only issue here is that fashion can be a fickle lady, and what is hot and trendy today just may be a fashionable death sentence tomorrow. However, this isn't really our problem but that of the manufacturer. For the end consumer, the more options available to us the better. It keeps things interesting and it keeps the playing field a little more level in our favor. With the economic down turn over the last four or five years, we have seen an increase in what we're calling the budget or entry level products. Basically, we went from tuxedos and tiaras to jeans and hair rollers. It is just recently that we have started to see the end of this economic down turn, and the return of the higher end products that we once had been accustomed to. NZXT has been a major player in all respects since its inception, and NZXT has been hard at work with trying to regain momentum with products such as the Switch 810.


The NZXT Switch 810 Full-tower case is a mainstream-level case. The Switch 810 from NZXT features a high-airflow design that can house up to ten 140mm/120mm fans, and can also hold a triple radiator, which should be more than enough to cool the current line-up of high-performance enthusiast class components. The four external 5.25" drive bays, as well as the six HDD bays inside the NZXT Switch 810, use tool-less locks for convenient installation. The NZXT Switch 810 can house long video cards, up to 375mm without the internal adjustable fan, and 350mm with the adjustable fan installed. Unruly power cables inside the Switch 810 can be tamed with a smart cable management routing system. For $169.99, the NZXT Switch 810 provides a full featured chassis that has substantial value and convenience that consumers should be looking for.