The words "gamer" and "sleek" are not often used together in a sentence when it comes to describing a PC chassis. Cases with a sleek design are often aluminum based with straight edges and uniform symmetry, usually designed with silence in mind, while cases aimed at gamers are often aggressively styled and have plenty of character. One is designed for quiet elegance while the other demands attention, using bright lights and unusual shapes. A combination of both worlds is not something that is in most case manufacturer's minds, as it is a risky prospect. It takes a company that thinks outside of the box to be able to deliver such a unique product and make it work.

NZXT Phantom 410 Mid-tower Case



NZXT's Phantom case, released more than a year ago now, exemplifies the marriage of these two concepts. It was sleek, clean, and futuristic yet, at the same time, asymmetrical and extremely functional. The build quality was also on a higher level than previously seen in NZXT cases and set the tone for what is to come. During CES 2012, NZXT unveiled an update to this popular model, the NZXT Phantom 410.


The Phantom 410 is a Mid-tower version of the popular full-tower NZXT Phantom case. The NZXT Phantom 410 mid-tower case brings new features and improves upon the original full-tower design. An acrylic viewing window adorns the Phantom 410's left side panel, giving enthusiasts a chance to show off their hardware. The NZXT Phantom 410's top 140mm exhaust fan is outfitted with LED lights to accentuate the interior components further. Despite having a smaller size, the NZXT Phantom 410 mid-tower case makes intelligent use of component mounting options, providing plenty of room for large graphics cards, multiple HDDs and even a 240 or 280mm water-cooling radiator on top. Like the original NZXT Phantom full-tower case, the NZXT Phantom 410 is available in multiple color options, including an upcoming black version with an orange or white trim.