AZZA Fusion 4000 ATX Super Full Tower Case Review

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When we are young men and, for some, as we reach adulthood, we strive to have the most toys as a show of our wealth or success. Whether we collect bikes, TVs, boats, cars or computers, it's really irrelevant. What ends up happening is we have a massive collection of things that take up a vast amount of space. Now I can't vouch for others but when I got married, my wife complained about all my stuff always being in the way, not that that has changed over the last 15 years, mind you. Nevertheless, the toys keep adding up, and my wife keeps complaining about it. So I begin the slow and arduous task of shuffling around all my computer systems, and try to keep things as clean as possible until more stuff arrives at my doorstep.



The biggest point of contention is computer cases, and rightly so, as they take up a very large amount of space in our tiny house. So what's a guy to do? I try to sell some off, some I donate to our local charity so that the less fortunate can have an opportunity to use something better than an OEM case, and some make their way out to the shed to be stored away for later use. My wife also finds the need to complain about how many systems I have setup at my desk. She thinks one is more than enough but, as a reviewer, I need at least two. One is my main personal rig and the other is my benching system, then I have my HTPC, which is setup as more of a NAS because everyone can access it from any other computer in the house to store data or stream movies. If all of those cases were put together in one, it will be the equivalent of the Fusion 4000 case from AZZA.


The 4000 Fusion from AZZA is an absolute beast of a chassis. The AZZA Fusion 4000 is a ATX Super Full Tower case. The really cool thing about the Fusion 4000 is that it holds two complete computer systems in a single enclosure. Some of the many features are USB 3.0, 10 expansion bays, 6 external 5 ¼" drive bays, 4x 2 ½" external easy swap, 6+2 internal 3 ½" easy swap bays, motherboard compatibility for XL-ATX, E-ATX, Full ATX, Micro ATX and ITX boards. The list of features seems endless for the Fusion 4000 but the pièce de résistance is for the water cooling enthusiasts since the Fusion 4000 holds up to three radiators in different flavors: 1x480mm, 1x360mm and 1x120mm.