Antec Three Hundred Two Mid-Tower Case Review

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As the old saying goes, "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder". Each of us in our own special way see things differently, be it color or the way something is shaped, configured or designed. Take buying a car for instance. Sometimes I end up drawing the same conclusion as everyone else on the car lot but then after taking a more in depth look and actually taking the car for a spin, you find out that it was not what you expected it to be. It can even leave you pondering "what were they thinking?" or the opposite, leaving you totally enamored and speechless for it was so much more than just what meets the eye.



It is no different when it comes to selecting PC cases. That high quality glossy paint or the glow of an LED light in the right places could serve to distract you from the product's shortcomings but at the same time, the gaudy showiness could prove to be too much for some people's taste. Antec, as one of the world's premiere case manufacturers, knows that balance must be struck when it comes to designing gaming oriented cases in order to attract as wide range of buyers as possible. This is evident in their latest budget case designs, displaying restrained aggressiveness externally while maintaining functional elegance internally. Antec's Three Hundred case was the first Antec gaming case to implement this budget gaming case design philosphy and has now been updated to fit the demands of current high performance systems.


The Antec Three Hundred Two is a new design with added features that include a wider chassis, great cable management, easy access side doors, USB 3.0, and improved air flow, with 6 spots for fans in strategic positions throughout the chassis. The Three Hundred Two, from Antec, has preinstalled 120mm rear exhaust and 140mm top exhaust, and brings you the option to control fan speeds with the flip of a switch. With high and low setting built into the back of the chassis, it's easy to control air flow. The front mesh design of the Antec Three Hundred Two, with built in easy to remove washable filters, offers you not only good looks with its Tower design, but also gives you added airflow over your hard drive cage, CPU, and GPU. The Antec Three Hundred Two is designed with the gamer in mind with eight expansion slots, and the ability to house the largest video cards.