Enermax Fulmo Advanced Mid-tower Case Review

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There is perhaps no market in the PC component industry that is as crowded as the mainstream chassis segment. Designs have come and gone but cases that fulfill the needs of most enthusiasts remain in the forefront. Cases that can accommodate additional cooling options and large high-end video cards are sought after for the flexibility and convenience of component installation, as well as optimal thermal performance under stressful conditions. While prioritizing functionality is important, however, compromising on the appearance can severely affect the product's performance, so a balance must be struck by the manufacturer.



Although known mostly for their award winning power supplies, Enermax has been strengthening their product line with creative keyboard designs, highly efficient CPU coolers and the next generation tower cases.  The Enermax Fulmo line was designed to accommodate various system configurations and meet the demands of high end enthusiasts for a convenient and effective workspace. Users can choose between the Enermax Fulmo mid-tower line and the Enermax Fulmo GT full-tower case, depending on the size of the rig they are building.


The Enermax Fulmo mid-tower case comes in two variants: basic and advanced. The Enermax Fulmo Advanced differs from the basic version with the use of Enermax Vegas LED fans, as well as additional 180mm side and 120mm top fans. The Enermax Fulmo Advanced also has a built-in fan controller for up to three 3-pin case fans and an extra USB 3.0 port on the front panel I/O.  Using a unique vertical HDD mounting design, the Enermax Fulmo mid-tower case can house up to six HDDs while minimizing airflow obstruction.  The 180mm side fan on the advanced version of the Enermax Fulmo mid-tower case also provides additional intake cooling which aids in multi-GPU air-cooling.  Since the Enermax Fulmo mid-tower case has eight PCI-E expansion slots, users can use up to three video cards in SLI or CrossfireX configuration.