I’m sure many of you have been to a boxing match and have had the opportunity of watching several fights take place in the different weight classes. It's pretty exciting to watch as they battle it out for the championship belt. You have the heavy weights, always hard hitting and scoring tremendous knockouts in the early rounds, and then there are the middle weights, who usually take you into the middle rounds before scoring a knockout, or it ends in the 12th round and they win by decision. Then there are the light weights or Fly weights, the smallest or lightest of the fighters, who are lightning fast with skills and speed that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the fight, in anticipation of scoring that knockout punch that you know is coming, as they battle it out in the middle of the ring.


Diablotek Fly Mid-Tower case



Just like in boxing, when it comes to cases, there are light weights, middle weights and heavy weights. When it comes to classifications of chassis, price point becomes a big factor. For instance, you might consider $50 to $85 the entry level chassis or the light weights and $85 to $180 as main stream or middle weights. Diablotek has introduced an aluminum chassis ironically named the Fly for its light weight.


Diablotek Fly Mid-Tower Case 

The Diablotek Fly ATX Mid-Tower case is just such a contender. The Fly from Diablotek is extremely lightweight, coming in at only 7.7lbs at the weigh in. Constructed from Aluminum / Magnesium and anodized black or dark grey coating, the Fly is packing a visual punch. The Diablotek Fly is built like a tank and also has a little versatility that the end user may appreciate. There is an option to remove the hard drive cage from the chassis and mount your HDD in the lower optical drive bay, so if you happen to have one of the largest video cards coming in at over 12" long, it will slip in without any issues. With fifteen inches of space from the I/O ports to the front of the chassis the Fly covers the ring. So, let's see if the Diablotek Fly floats like a Butterfly and stings like a Bee, and if it can score a knockout in the early rounds.