My wife is hilarious. She has a glass is half empty attitude about things and it is almost comical at times. Right now, we are a week overdue on our expected date for our daughter. However, statistically, this is normal for a first time mother. From what we were told, the average first time mother usually goes 41 weeks and 3 days. Unfortunately, that puts our day on Thanksgiving. Well, despite having the information from reliable sources, my wife would rather think that the baby is never coming. She is even having regular contractions (not within active labor standards) and complains that nothing is happening. I just have to laugh and shake my head because looking in from the outside, I can see things are progressing by the day.




Antec has a nice lineup of cases that I have dubbed the "Hundred" series. On their website, they just call them the "Gaming" series. So far, I have been able to take a peek at most of the mid-range cases in that series and each one has been very nice for the price. One thing they all have in common is the top mounted fan. The upper end cases also include blue LED fans. This year, they re-vamped a few of the cases in the lineup and came out with V2 versions. The Nine Hundred even has a V3 released. One thing always confused me with the "Hundred" series. Their naming scheme didn't really follow a pattern. So far it's gone; One Hundred, Two Hundred, Three Hundred, Six Hundred, Nine Hundred, Twelve Hundred. Was this done intentionally after Three Hundred leaving gaps to be filled? This next release seems to start filling some space.



The Antec Eleven Hundred Gaming Case is next in line in the "Gaming" series. The Eleven Hundred contains some nice features that are needed in higher end gaming cases. There is room to fit up to an XL-ATX motherboard inside with full compatibility for multiple GPU configurations. The Eleven Hundred can support GPUs up to 13 inches and high end 3-way SLI / 4-way CrossFireX setups. There are two fans included; a 200mm Blue LED top fan, and a 120mm rear exhaust fan. Advanced features include cable management with a fan power hub, tray routing holes with rubber grommets, and a tool free design. The Eleven Hundred also features expansion for advanced cooling setups, allowing up to nine total fans. One of the fans can be mounted behind the motherboard tray. Drive bays include three 5.25" ODD, Six 3.5" HDD, and two 2.5" HDD bays. There are also two front panel USB 3.0 ports with the newest USB 3.0 motherboard header.