Bigger is better, or so the old adage goes, but in relation to what is an entirely different question. If we take a look at Hard Disk Drives compared to SSDs then you might say the answer is no. Solid State Drives are smaller and run much faster and cooler than a platter drive. However, on the flip side of that coin, the typical HDD has a considerable larger amount of storage capacity than an SSD. So is bigger better? I would have to say it's relative to the topic of discussion.

Rosewill Blackhawk Ultra Super Tower Case



I can remember getting my first PC in the old beige box. I thought it was an absolute massive case, that took up a fair amount of space on my desktop, loaded down with a CRT monitor. Looking back now, I realize that it was actually a fairly small enclosure, the size of a mid-tower, in fact. It housed a top of the line 8088XT and all the other necessary components that are required to be called a computer system. Jump ahead 20 years and the PC industry has evolved by leaps and bounds, storage drives have become physically smaller, motherboards have increased in size (yes I’m looking at you EVGA SR-2), as have the space requirements we need to house our varying systems.

Rosewill Blackhawk Top


Rosewill continues on with the Blackhawk series of chassis, with the introduction of the Blackhawk Ultra Super Tower. The Blackhawk Ultra comes at a price point of $220 US and slides into what we consider the enthusiast segment of the market. This super tower boasts quite a feature set, like dual PSU bays, top and bottom mounted, and it supports everything from ATX to HPTX motherboards. The cooling potential is phenomenal and includes 5 X 140mm fans and 3 X 230mm fans with plenty of room to add a lot more. There are 4 external 5 ¼” optical drive bays, 10 internal 2 ½” / 3 ½” HDD bays, and the list of features seems endless.