Corsair Carbide 400R Mid-tower Case Review

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For gamers on a limited budget, choosing the right case for the price often meant a compromise, in terms of feature selection, had to be made. While the market is flush with affordable mainstream cases, very few offer a well-rounded design that has all the necessities and convenience that gamers are looking for. Often times, case manufacturers are more concerned about how the chassis looks and who they can market it to, rather than focus on the functionality. Even those that often look good on paper, with a plethora of features listed, can sometimes be disappointing once you actually see it in person. Gamers are primarily looking for cases that have a good balance of thermal performance, while supporting enthusiast components internally.



When Corsair decided to throw their hat in the ring and manufacture PC cases, many enthusiasts rejoiced. After all, Corsair is well known for their high-standard of design quality and innovative ideas. Translated into the form of a chassis, Corsair’s design philosophy resulted in impressive feature rich and highly durable constructions. Unfortunately, their initial “Obsidian” case offerings, retailing around $300 USD, were out of reach economically for most mainstream PC users. With the release of Corsair’s “Carbide” chassis series, gamers have a new reason to celebrate.


The 400R mid-tower case is part of Corsair’s “Carbide” series. The Corsair Carbide 400R is aimed at gamers looking for a high-quality but affordable case. For $99 USD, the Corsair Carbide 400R provides a roomy interior, supporting up to eight PCI expansion slots and enough headroom for up to four AMD Radeon HD 6990s in Quad CrossfireX mode. Gamers with water cooling setups can also mount their 240mm dual-fan radiator on top while routing up to four hoses internally at the rear. The Carbide 400R comes in a very dark gray color with a fine graphite-style paint job. While designed to be affordable, the Corsair Carbide 400R manages to be stylish and look like a premium chassis with its fit and finish.