The importance of the right setting when studying for an exam is critical for many college students including myself. I take it very seriously as all of my concentration is required in order to properly study. Everything from the location, material and time are aspects that have to be considered. If something is not done the way that I would like it to be, then it may annoy me. I feel that this can be also applied to PC cases and how each piece of its elements can impact the overall performance, especially when it comes to sound level.




There are different types and levels of computer cases to choose from and it can be difficult to select the one you want. From the lower priced end cases you can purchase a more basic tower with maybe one or two features that help it set it apart from other competitors. Likewise with the higher end cases, you have the choice of more sophisticated cases with many features. Of course, there is also the mainstream type of cases where design and functionality vary within the price ranges. One of the important aspects in selecting a computer case is noise level. With Antec being known very well for this, they try to improve upon what has been established in their SOLO line.



The Antec SOLO II is the successor to the SOLO case and is part of the Sonata family, weighing in at 20.2 pounds. The SOLO II focuses on Antec's Quiet Computing design, introducing a new set of cosmetic and functional upgrades in comparison to the original SOLO case. Multiple features inside the Antec SOLO II contribute to reducing component vibration and dampening the noise including the dual-layer SECC/Polycarbonate top and side panels as well as HDD silicone grommets and a new TrueQuiet fan design. While Antec designed the internal chamber of the SOLO II to be extremely functional, the external appearance is just as well thought-out with an anodized aluminum front bezel and a piano black finish for an elegant, sleek look. For connectivity, the SOLO II's front panel houses four USB ports, two of which are USB 3.0 for ultra-fast transfer rates. If silence is the most important part in your system, then the Antec SOLO II case should be perfect for your next PC build.