Gigabyte GeForce GTX 950 WindForce 2x Overclocking Edition

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There is always so much focus in this world on how good something looks or how flashy it is, and it seems as if functionality has fallen away as a requirement for many products. Cars have become about how much style and chrome can be fit on the outside of the car, with all kinds of wood grain or carbon fiber trim adorning the inside. We find this philosophy even in our homes, where it’s all about granite counter tops, slate floors and hardwood trim. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with having nice looking things, or spending a little more for some aesthetic upgrades, but when the functionality is not the focus, you could end up with a nice looking pile of worthless crap.



Computer cases seem to quickly be heading in the direction of this philosophy, with more and more wild, interesting looking case designs. The question is, however, are these exotic cases meeting all of the functional needs that we have for the computer case, especially when considering the higher costs of cases these days.  When evaluating the usefulness of a case, performance and features need to take precedent or at least be on even playing field with the appearance, unless of course the point of the system is to be radically unique, but then it wouldn't be mainstream.  NZXT has always been able to develop good case designs while keeping the look interesting, but one of their less expensive creations really has caught a lot of people's eyes, based on price and what it has to offer.


The NZXT Beta EVO is a well constructed case that offers exceptional cooling features for the money.  The NZXT Beta EVO takes the functionality of the case back into the forefront, with tool less drive installations and excellent cable management access holes.  The interior space is quite roomy for the price point and exterior size, even being capable of holding two full size, dual expansion slot graphics cards.