I always liked mythology. During middle school and high school, I read tons of stories and poems that kept my interest in the subject. My favorite was "The Odyssey", a poem that introduced many interesting things, like Sirens, and Scylla, but also showed the power of family and fidelity. The story was about a man, Odysseus, who was thought to be lost after the Trojan War. Many men forced themselves into his household trying to pursue his wife, Penelope, who came up with elaborate plans to thwart them because she still loved her husband. During that time, he was adventuring home and running into snags setup by Poseidon. I'd tell more but that would give it away, it's best to read it yourself (or catch one of the many movies that were made).




Greek and Roman mythology, and history, is something most people don't realize can be seen everywhere in today's society. From names, to expressions, even the movies we watch have some kind of influence. Look at general naming schemes of most of the modern teams across many sports. We see some kind of Spartan, Griffin, or Trojan in nearly every state at the high school level. Everyday companies, like Amazon, or Nike, or Saturn, have names derived from old mythology. We use common expressions like "Trojan Horse" and "Achilles' heel" all the time in literature and movies, especially when in relation to competition, be it fighting or sports. Cupid, that we relate to love and Valentine's Day, is a Roman deity. It's hard to go a single day without hearing or seeing some kind of mythological influence somewhere.



One name derived from Roman culture is the Xigmatek Pantheon. The name "Pantheon" is actually a temple in Rome that is dedicated to the Roman Gods. In this instance, it is a rather impressive computer chassis. The Pantheon is a full tower that supports both mATX and standard ATX motherboards. Built into the Pantheon is a fan controller that features 2 independent controls that can manage up to 3 fans apiece. For expansion, there are four 5.25" bays with one that can convert to a 3.5" for special peripherals, like media card readers or drive trays. Internally, there are six unique removable HDD bays. The bays are front loading and the top two are hot swappable. There are 3 fans included for cooling. The front two fans are 120mm, while the rear is 140mm. All fans are white LED with a toggle switch for the lights on the top of the case. The Pantheon features cable management holes and a large tray cut out for easy CPU heatsink mounting. I/O includes two USB 2.0, a single USB 3.0 and an e-SATA port on the top. There is also room on the top of the Pantheon to expand the air cooling or install a large 240/280mm radiator for liquid cooling.