I'm the type of person that isn't an impulsive buyer. When I make a big purchase, I usually spend a few weeks researching everything possible about that product. I'm the type that will read 101 reviews on something and try to get an idea of it's function from every different perspective. Nearly every product has a glowing review and a bashing review. Sometimes you just don't know who's been paid off and who is giving a good, honest, critique. That's why it is always best to diversify research and not pinpoint on a single site or forum for reviews on a product. When buying something online, sometimes you don't have the opportunity to physically see and hold the products.




This is especially true when it comes to computer parts. Many people don't have a local computer shop that sells good, quality parts. Most people only have something like a Best Buy near them. Any computer expert will tell you that buying anything at Best Buy that is computer related is a bad idea. Their in store markup is insane and their selection is laughable. It's the last place to look for the best deal, or "best buy". It is a nice place to get some hands on time with many products, which is the only reason I'd walk into one. One thing that you cannot get good hands on time with is computer cases. In store, their selection is pitiful. Online it's a bit better, but still overpriced. There are gems that are missing from their selection that might get passed up by the mainstream.



The Thermaltake Chaser MK-I happens to be one of those gems. The Chaser MK-I contains features similar to the Level 10 GT, but at half the price. Inside, Thermaltake uses a completely tool free system for the 5.25" and 3.5" drive bays. The cooling system includes a giant 200mm intake and top Colorshift fan, while the rear exhaust is a large 140mm TurboFan. Those fans are connected to the included fan controller, which features a high and low setting. There is enough room to expand and add 7 more fans for extreme cooling. Special features include an adapted BlacX docking station on the top, the ability to use the new USB 3.0 front header for compatible motherboards, and a headset holder connected to the side panel. The Chaser MK-I is completely liquid cooling ready and includes heightened foot stands.