NZXT Panzerbox Case Review

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Every gamer would love to be able to have their system that they love to play on to be somewhat portable and allow them to be able to easily pack it up and take it with them. For those who are actually building a system for that purpose, they will need to find a case that is compact in size, but still has the interior space to accommodate their motherboard and graphics card combinations. Many gamers have systems built around full ATX motherboards, which tend to outperform their micro ATX little brothers, and graphics cards that aren’t really all about being compact in size.



It seems then, that the holy grail of portable gaming would have to be a compact case that is smaller than a typical mid tower case, but still features enough interior space to fit a full sized ATX motherboard and just about any sized graphics card, possibly two, if using SLI or CrossFireX. Even though this search seems rather futile, NZXT may have an answer for such a desire from gamers.


The NZXT Panzerbox is a compact case that supports full ATX motherboards on its removable tray. The NZXT Panzerbox also has the interior space for multiple graphics cards, even when using the larger sized cards. These features, along with the large fans throughout the case and the massive amount of ventilation for high levels of airflow, allow the compact design and cramped interior, when fully loaded, to perform at the level that gamers are looking for.