Thermaltake Element T Case Review

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I like subtle. Subtle can be deceiving and misleading. It’s easy to look at something that has no flash or flair and write it off as just another one of those whatever it is. This idea of building something special but with a very subtle touch to the exterior has been utilized in everything from cars, to buildings, and even with technology. How many times have you seen a sleek, yet subtle, old car that hides a monster of an engine that can tear the pavement to shreds? Or on how many trips to an electronics store have you seen plain looking HTPC or PC cases that house a monster of a computer that can game and work like nobody’s business?


This turn in styling trends back to the subtle nature found in the past is ushering in a new style of computer cases that stress functionality, yet provide nice touches that still can make us say “hey man, nice case.” At the forefront of this movement has been Thermaltake with their functionally beautiful cases that seem to bring subtlety into the limelight. This especially seems to be the case with the Element series cases.


The Thermaltake Element T case embraces the black subtle look and adds excellent functionality. The Thermaltake Element T provides ample room for any type of build, with several drive options. The drive cages feature thumb screw installation with one drive of each type featuring a completely screwless installation.